Services to Schools

Assessments & Learning will provide an experienced and qualified assessor and teacher with relevant experience:

  • special educational needs, school based interventions and statutory requirements.
  • accreditation to British Psychological Society to carry out educational assessments and PATOSS (Professional Associationof  Teachers with students with a specific learning difficulty) as an approved teacher.
  • specialist assessment, support and advice for teachers and teaching asistants working with pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) .
  • up-to-date resources to support learning and access to the curriculum.
  • Common Assessment Framework (CAFS), Annual reviews, Team Around the Child meetings (TACs), staff and parent meeting attended as required.
  • assessments, training, intervention groups, observations plus any other appropriate requiremment considered.

The services offered include:

  • Flexible working arrangements, including full day, half day and hourly sessions available.
  • Telephone and email support.

Schools may purchase sessions on either;

  • An ‘as required’ basis,
  • or a preplanned basis.

For an assessment, the session would normally consist of the 2-3 hours face to face assessment time plus preparation for the assessment, report writing and feedback to the school.(Report writing will be completed off site.)

All test materials, results and individual reports are to be held by Assessments & Learning. To comply with the Data Protection Act parental permission is needed to carry out the assessments and to then store the results and reports. The consent form must be signed and dated before an assessment can take place.

Range of services, support and interventions offered

Assessments of pupils with learning needs or concerns about learning, attainment or progress:

  • Literacy needs,
  • Language needs,
  • Learning needs,
  • Motor skills,
  • Mathematical skills,
  • Visual perception skills
  • Visual stress

The completed assessment report will include a full and clear explaination of the results, all the diagnostic tests undertaken (to be stored securely by the school,) the standardised scores and percentile ranks for the tests, a full and clear explanation of the results, recommendations to include additional referrals if appropriate, adjustments for classroom learning, school based and or home based interventions and any Access Arrangements which will need to be implemented.

Screening for a year group would also be available for writing skills (speed and legibility), underlying phonological skills, visual stress, spelling, reading comprehension or other literacy / learning needs.

Training would also be available for teachers, teaching assistants or parents on supporting pupils with difficulties with literacy needs, difficulties with Maths, dyslexia, dyspraxia, access arrangements, language difficulties, visual stress, access arrangements and tests used for assessment. A training session  includes preparation time and training of up to 2 hours duration.

Intervention groups for pupils covering;

  • Specific literacy needs,
  • Mathematical difficulties,
  • Study skills,
  • Other groups as required.

Access Arrangements would be undertaken for KS2 and KS4, of groups of pupils or for individual pupils.

Other requests for support would be considered and should be discussed. Assessments and Learning offer a comprehensive, flexible and responsive service designed to meet the individual  needs of  schools and their pupils.The range of services listed is not exhaustive or definitive, a discussion of all requirements is welcomed.

Discussion of the services available and the terms of the agreement are welcomed as Assessments and Learning aims to be flexible, responsive and to work in partnership with schools.