Parents and Adult Learners

I offer a variety of services depending on the needs of the student;

  • Diagnostic assessment detailing learning profile with strengths and needs,
  • Assessments for access arrangements
  • Comprehensive assessment report,
  • Follow-up meeting to discuss the report if required.
  • One to one specialist targeted tuition.
  • Advice and guidance on a number of topics, including reading, learning skills, behaviour, social and communication skills.
  • Assessments may be held at the student’s home or school (with prior agreement with the school) or at my office.

Before an assessment is undertaken I ask that consent and questionnaire forms are completed, to enable a fuller picture to be developed of the student’s skills and needs.

A convenient date, time and location is agreed for the assessment; it may be possible to complete the assessment at the student’s school with prior agreement from the school. If the assessment is to be held at the student’s home, it needs to be at time when they are not too tired, in a quiet and comfortable location with a table / desk available. The assessment may take up to 3 hours. It is possible to complete the assessment over two sessions if that is necessary for the needs of the student, although it is preferred to complete the assessment in one sitting.

A full assessment report is then written and sent to the student or the parents of the student and if required, a follow-up meeting may be arranged to discuss the results. (Thirty minutes is allowed for this meeting.)

The report will include all the test results, a discussion of the results, recommendations to support the student’s learning and if necessary, suggestions for additional support or referral.