My name is Sara Watts and I am an independent educational assessor, specialising in assessing, supporting or teaching children, young people or adults with educational issues. I can offer an assessment, teaching or advice depending on the needs of the student.

A qualified teacher for over  15 years, I have taught Maths, Science and a variety of other subjects in different local schools. Working as a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) for many years, I have supported pupils with special educational needs in mainstream schools to learn successfully and to gain useful qualifications which lead onto the next stage in their educational pathway.

My post graduate qualifications include an OCR level 5, Certificate for Teaching Students with a Specific Learning Difficulty and a Certificate of Competency in Educational Testing which is accreditated by the British Pyshological Society. I have Appoved Teacher Status (ATS) from both the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) and the Professinal Association for Teachers of Students with Specific Difficulties (PATOSS).

I have also completed additonal training, including Social and Communication skills, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, teaching reading and literacy skills, supporting struggling readers, visual stress and developing language skills (Elklan).

Having worked in schools for many years I understand the systems and complexities which often operate and as a parent myself I can fully appreciate the frustration, sadness and problems which a rise when a child does not thrive and progress as they might. I am a strong proponent of education being accessible to all, that barriers which inhibit learning should be removed, to enable all students to be as successful and  independent learners as possible.